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UC Changing a Recording Title [VCon IG]

VidiControl caches the title for failover and faster access. VidiCore title metadata will always overwrite VidiControl's cached title. To change the title of a recording, you have to update VidiCore’s title metadata. There are several ways to do this:

  • Use VidiCore’s API directly.
    Change the title in VidiCore’s metadata for the item. Then the new title will be synched to VidiControl and updated there. If there is a problem while saving metadata to VidiCore or if the sync fails, the new title will not be displayed or it will be displayed after saving/syncing was successful.

  • Use VidiControl’s BookingService API. (Recommended)
    Change the title in the chunks metadata field. Also set the chunks title field. Take care that both values are identical. So, the title change is synced to (and from VidiCore) but the title is also updated in VidiControls cache and can immediately be displayed.

  • Except for the title, no other metadata field will ever be cached by VidiControl.

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