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VidiControl system connectivity is made possible with its REST APIs resources, based on a common versioning and parameter/response logic, that makes it possible for 3rd party systems to consume these APIs for a variety purposes. This results in an easier integration with existing system components and by being able to access objects, metadata, and process data.

VidiControl offers several APIs to manage resources, bookings, configuration, etc.

There is also an ActiveMq topic where events can be broadcasted to.

External IDs

VidiControl uses External IDs in its interfaces to adress objects. These consist of two parts:

  1. Site ID

  2. alphanumerical ID

Example: VCR-H8R

External Virtual IDs

In addition, there are virtual external IDs for recurring recording components. These consist of five parts:

  1. fixed string vid

  2. SiteId ID part 1

  3. alphanumerical ID part 1

  4. SiteId ID part 2

  5. alphanumerical ID part 2

Example: vid-VCR-3M6-VCR-WdAPZe

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