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How to create a original file from a shape [VC UG]

A shape is a physical representation of an item. Each shape is made up out of one or more components that correspond to content of a file. Each item will typically have at least a single shape, the original shape, along with one or more alternate representations of the asset. For video, this can be a low-resolution version, a web version and a mobile version. Another example is if you have multiple versions of the same video, but each with different audio or text tracks. Those versions would then be separate shapes. For text this could be the word processor document format, a PDF or a plain text version.

Here we will show you how you can create a new original from a shape if you have deleted the original one for some reason. There are two ways to get a new original file again, either import the file with the original tag set or simply add the original tag to that shape, since the original file really is a shape with a "original"-tag.

To import a file and create a new original shape tag set, run this call;


Where "VX-example.mp4" is the video_web shape.

To just add the original tag to a shape;

PUT API/item/(id)/shape/(id)/tag/original

More information on shape tagging;

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