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How to burn in subtitles to a video file [VC UG]

Before you can follow this guide, you should already have imported your subtitles to your Item.  You can read more about how to add subtitles to an Item here.

A sequence consists of a number of audio and/or video tracks, each with a number of segments. Each segment has a position in the timeline (in and out) and references a specific interval and track of an item. If you have a sequence attached to an item in Vidispine the subtitle metadata can be included in the output file. To do this, you need to use a shape tag where <burnSubtitles>true</burnSubtitles> is set in the <video> element. Note that overlapping subtitle timespans are not allowed and will cause the render job to fail.

Let’s say we have an item VX-811 which has a sequence attached to it, and the following metadata;

<MetadataDocument xmlns="">
  <timespan start="72140@PAL" end="72260@PAL">
      <field><name>stl_text</name><value>No, I am your father.</value></field>
  <timespan start="72320@PAL" end="72490@PAL">
      <field><name>stl_text</name><value>No... that's not true!&#13;&#10;That's impossible!</value></field>

And we have the following shape-tag called MP4_512_SUB;

<TranscodePresetDocument xmlns="">

Then a render job is started using:

POST /item/VX-811/sequence/render?tag=MP4_512_SUB

<JobDocument xmlns=""><jobId>VX-1436</jobId><user>admin</user><started>2013-03-08T13:02:15.654Z</started><status>READY</status><type>CONFORM</type><priority>MEDIUM</priority></JobDocument>

This will render the sequence and include any subtitle metadata as subtitles in the output video.

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