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Posters Are Full Resolution Thumbnails in Vidispine [VC UG]

Sometimes the size of the thumbnails that are created are not enough, instead you want full resolution images to use. Full resolution thumbnails are called posters in Vidispine. Once you've created thumbnails or posters, you can use the noauth-url query parameter to get a noauth thumbnail/poster URL. When you need posters, i.e., full resolution thumbnails, you need to run a thumbnail job, specifying from where in time you want to create posters, and optionally also the size and format of the poster. 

Note: you cannot create both thumbnails and posters at a specific interval, instead you need to create the thumbnails according to transcoder rules to be able to create posters. 

Creating thumbnails according to transcoder rules, and posters is as easy as POSTing to the API, with the time codes you want to create the posters from, like this: 

POST /item/VX-123/thumbnail?createThumbnails=true&createPosters=50@PAL,100@PAL&sourceTag=mov,mp4

When you later want to use the poster you can easily retrieve a noauth URL where it is located, for example to use in a web application. Retrieve the URL using a GET to the API: 

GET /API/item/VX-123/?content=poster&noauth-url=true&terse=yes

To learn more about posters, thumbnails and how to retrieve them, as always, read our API documentation for creating thumbnails/posters, and to retrieve item information.

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