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How to configure timeout settings when using external transcoders through watch folders [VC UG]

Here we will show you how to set different timeout and interval settings in your external transcoder.

To be able to do this, you will have to have the external transcoder already installed, see the link below on how to setup an external transcoder;

Usercase scenario;

"I submit 20 transcode jobs at once.  These transcodes jobs are for a shape that uses a watchfolder transcoder.  My external watchfolder transcoder only processes 5 jobs at a time.  While the first 5 jobs are transcoding, the other 15 will time out because they haven't shown up in the destination folder yet.
How can I prevent this from happening?"


In the settings for the external transcoder you can find "interval" and "timeout". 


The output file must appear in the destination folder within this timeout, or the transcode step will be marked as failed. The default timeout is 30 seconds


How frequently the destination folder should be checked for new or updated files. The default interval is 5 seconds.

Then you have 3 options, 

  • Adjust these parameters to suit the external transcoder.

  • Adjust the external transcoder to suit these parameters.

  • Adjust both these parameters and the external transcoder.

If you want to adjust the external transcoder you can do the following. When you submit 20 jobs, 

  1. Let the external transcoder create empty 20 files to the output folder within the "timeoout".

  2. For each file, update the time stamps within the "interval" until the transcode job is finished.

Vidispine checks the file size and time stamps frequently to see if the job is still running.

There are more information on external transcoders and how to add them with Vidispine in the following link;

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