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How to keep the original filename when importing/moving files in Vidispine [VC UG]

By default, Vidispine names new files according to site-id[-]number extension, for example VX-100, all in one folder.

This pattern can be overridden by creating a JavaScript that is stored as metadata filenameScript to the storage.

You will have to create a storage filename rule (a one-liner javascript) that return the original filename

Use the following curl- input to create and set the rule;

curl -X PUT -U admin -H content-type:text/plain http://localhost:8080/API/storage/{storage-id}/metadata/filenameScript --data-binary 'context.getOriginalFilename()'

Now the filename script should be set and your files will keep the original filename

In the link below you can read more about other JavaScript rules that you can set;

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