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Introducing VidiCore [VC UG]

Vidispine’s VidiCore is a powerful, cloud-native, engine for managing, organizing, indexing, and transforming your assets into distributable content for a variety of platforms using different workflows. Engineered from the ground up to fulfil a build your own system and no vendor lock in approach, VidiCore operates as state-of-the-art media-management backend and object repository that functions as a highly adaptable and scalable foundation layer.

Regardless of whether your Vidispine solution, VidiCore architecture sees simplicity as a benefit. Being deployment-agnostic, VidiCore can easily be set up on-premise, in-cloud, hybrid, or as a fully managed SaaS solution for maximum scalability and flexibility, as well as easily being able to utilize vendor specific components for smooth operations. Giving you the freedom of choice: From filling a gap in your existing media workflow, to building sophisticated media management solutions.

VidiCore handles, and reduces, the complexity of connecting multiple sources as well as collecting and managing media assets and their respective metadata. Along with its pliable metadata model, indexing, and out-of-the-box transcoding and job execution capabilities, your assets are primed for a wide array of production workflows - granting your teams the means to create and fit the puzzle pieces necessary to make systems and processes whole.

Another aspect which grants VidiCore a high degree of flexibility is the fact that it is a REST API service . This enables one to easily develop custom solutions on top of it. VidiCore API’s also facilitates communicating commands through applications such as Postman, CURL, and standard programming languages such as Python and Java. For more information, check out our API doc.

With the VidiCore Development Toolkit, developers and integrators can hit the ground running. VidiCore’s expansive set of tools significantly shortens the development and time required to build applications on top of your VidiCore media management backend. Check out our VDT documentation for more information.

VidiCore also enjoys the benefit of being fully integrated part of the Vidispine product portfolio making it highly flexible and easily configurable. With Vidispine’s central configuration hub, administrators are able to comfortably tailor configuration aspects on the fly.

VidiCore is available in VidiNet as both a starter and team edition.

Flexible, Scalable, and Integrative

  • Straightforward data model tailored for managing media assets.

  • Offers a highly flexible metadata model that can be easily adjusted to capture information from various sources.

  • API resource palette allows for seamless integration with other production systems, MAMs, applications, 3rd party solutions and content delivery networks.

  • Supports multiple ingest methods: direct upload, from an URL or watch-folder ingest.

  • Decrease cost and increase efficiency through refined metadata management and workflow automatio

  • Storage agnostic: local, network, cloud or archive storages.

  • Powerful searching capability built on top of blazing fast open-source search engine.

  • Built-in notification system that supports different types of event receiver.

  • Detailed metric can be exposed to gain better insight on the status of the system.

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