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VidiCoder [VC UG]

VidiCoder is Vidispine’s own highly-scalable transcoding and rendering engine that incorporates a repertoire of state-of-the-art 3rd party codecs - providing teams the format fidelity they need to meet major product, broadcast and film requirements. In order to facilitate this, VidiCoder supports encoders decoders and container for video and audio, incl. DNxHR, ProRes and XAVC.

Naturally, VidiCoder has growing file support for HiRes and Proxy files built-in. This grants production teams the agility and ability to transcode while a ingest/transfer and transfer of output occur. Boasting a powerful rendering engine, VidiCoder is able to easily handle EDL sequence along with animated graphics, video and audio effects without the need for 3rd party plugins.

A containing all of VidiCoder’s supported formats can be seen below or downloaded from here.

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