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Architecture [VE OG]

VidiEditor is a browser-based proxy editing solution that is fully integrated for use with VidiCore Starter and Team Edition. A brief overview is depicted in the next image.

VidiEditor itself is a stateless application that can be separated into different parts such as a graphical user interface that enables users, such as journalists or video producers to perform video editing based on proxy material.

Furthermore the VidiEditor API is building the connection between this frontend and VidiCore which acts as a central repository for the usable media, metadata and configuration. This means all VidiCore items can potentially be used in VidiEditor as long as these have a supported proxy shape. Also, the VidiEditor projects will be stored centrally in VidiCore to enable work from anywhere.

When being done with an editing project the user usually wants to distribute the work as a new file. This process, in the context of VidiEditor, is called publishing. The rendering of a new file from the created editing project is realized through the VidiCoder conform job. It is mandatory to configure suitable storages and transcoding presets (shape tags) as output for the VidiCoder before being able to execute a publish. The transcoding itself will be executed on files associated as original shape in VidiCore.

In order to preview the media assets in the VidiEditor GUI a proxy copy is used allowing fast access also with low bandwith. Material that has no proxy copy available will be not displayed in VidiEditor. The VidiCoder can be used to generate those proxy copies as additional shapes of an item. Those proxy files must be located on a supported storage so the VidiEditors backend services can stream the media assets from this centralized storage into the web based frontend.

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