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Concurrent User Session Clean Up [VE OG]

VidiEditor’s pricing is based on concurrent user sessions set when installing the service in Vidinet. In case x amount of concurrent user sessions are purchased, only this many users can work simultaneously. A user trying to login when all user sessions are taken, will see an error message and not be able to log in to the application as long as no license is free.

Users working in VidiEditor block a license and can free the license when logging out. It may occur that users stay in the application without working or that a session crashed for some reason on the client PC. To overcome this following options come to account:

  • VidiEditor automatically frees the license after a user being inactive for 1 hour.

  • The active user sessions are locked in VidiCore and can be managed by and administator

While the first options means to wait for an hour in case of a blocked license the second option allows to free licenses on the VidiCore API level. This can be done with following API:

Get the active sessions:


the result will be a JSON like this:

    "Username": "admin",
    "SessionToken": "sg+y/dRNkHtpxgu9lhtuAZyru18zGsdT4gGpg/ab",
    "ExpiryDate": "10/07/2020 12:26:43"
    "Username": "admin",
    "SessionToken": "kUtg/MUwt37tqr01NDrzTcei8XH8VxSy2gfP3Brl",
    "ExpiryDate": "10/07/2020 13:05:37"

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