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Deeplink support [VE OG]

The VidiEditor supports 2 types of deep links in the URL of the web application. Those can be used for different scenarios just as:

  • Open an item from a third party app in VidiEditor in a new or existing project

  • Send a project from one user to another

  • Refresh the webpage in case of error scenarios while landing on the same project directly.

  • Open a project from a 3rd party app directly in VidiEditor

So it can be differentiated between deeplinks, linking to a VidiEditor project that look as following example:

VidiEditor Project Deep Link:

An example link looks as follows:


to open a VidiEditor project. Internally this is stored as VidiCore collection as can be seen in Data Handling [VE OG]. In result the user lands on the project of that ID. It might be that this project is already opened by a user. In this case the VidiEditor GUI blocks access to it displaying a message.

This message depends on the user having the targeted project open. If the same user having the project open tries to access it again, the user can decide to take it over. If another user is using the project already, This option is not available and the user is only informed that the project cannot be opened as it is used by another user.

Item Deep Link:

An example link looks as follows:


This allows to hand an existing item over to VidiEdito for example to open an item from MediaPortal in VidiEditor. Doing so ends up in 2 possible flows for the user. First the user is asked if the item should be used in a new project or if it should be enriched to an existing project.

Depending on the user selection, the user needs to either generate a new project or to select an existing one from the list of projects. After creating or choosing a project, the media item will be automatically add to the bin of that project.

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