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Deletion locking [VE UG]

VidiEditor uses the VidiCore deletion mechanism (Compare VidiCore Deletion Locks). This means that VidiEditor prevents projects and related media from deletion while setting a deletion lock for the project. As long as the lock is set, it cannot be deleted using the VidiCore API. The user does not need to take care about this mechanism, as the lock expiry date is set automatically while creating a project. It will also be extended depending on the usage of the VidiEditor project.

The expiry time set on project creation can be configured per installation (compare Default Configuration [VE OG]).

After the expiry date is reached, the lock no locker protects the data from deletion. It is important to note that VidiEditor itself does not delete any data. It is up to the system’s design to manage the deletion of projects and media. The lock mechanism only offers a convenient feature, making deletion via VidiCore API impossible as long as the deletion lock is valid.

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