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Frame Rate Support [VE OG]

VidiEditor supports different frame rates as long as the usage is limited to one frame rate per timeline / project. This means that just videos can be add to a timeline having a frame rate matching the set frame rate of the timeline. The media search and source preview still allows to use all supported frame rate but when adding material to the timeline it must match the set frame rate.

Following frame rates can be used currently in VidiEditor:

  • 25 fps

  • 30 fps

  • 29.97 fps (Drop frame)

  • 59.94 fps (Drop frame)

The user needs to set the wanted frame rate when creating a project. On the project creation modal dialogue a drop down will be shown so the user can select the desired frame rate. As different systems might want to restrict the user selection to some of the supported frame rates (e.g.: A system just uses 29.97 and 59.94 fps). This can be configured on the me_user user group metadata so the users just can select from the list of configured frame rates. The parameter is:


Possible Values



25, 30, 29.97, 59.94

Comma seperated list

In result the VidiEditor project creation dialogue shows the drop down accordingly:

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