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Frequently Asked Questions (VidiNet) [VE OG]

FAQ List:

Why does the VidiEditor search not show any video results?

  • No item exists in VidiCore having a shape matching the ME_ProxyShapeTag configuration parameter. Try to transcode a video to the configured ME_ProxyShapeTag and see if it is found. The default shape tag is ME_proxy_mp4_360_8ch.

  • Check the configuration of the ME_ProxyShapeTag Metadata key value pair on me_user group in VidiCore

  • Ensure that at least one of the options is checked in Media Type search filter.

Why is the publish button inactive / not clickable?

  • The button is inactive as long as no publish presets (shape tags), publish storages are configured or the timeline is empty. As those depend on the system design, no default configuration is added initially.

  • See also Publish Metadata Dialogue Configuration [VE OG]

I am unable to login with the following message “Max number of Concurrent Users is reached. Please try again later.“?

  • The purchased amount of concurrent users has reached its limit. You need to wait until a new license is available.

  • The concurrent user locking is not working accurately - an admin can clean up the reserved licenses in me_user user group metadata: ME_ConcurrentSessions.

  • The user has not logged out properly. This will be cleaned up automatically after 1 hour automatically. You need to wait for this time to get a new license.

Why does the source player not play some media items, but others are played?

  • The media files need to stay in convention for video and audio - basically videos in MP4 / H.264 and audio in AAC. See detailed information here.

  • The ME_ProxyShapeTag configuration does have a shape tag configured not suitable for VidiEditor streaming. Check this configuration as explained in here.

Why does the source player not stream any media files?

  • Files are not located on the S3 storage or the S3 storage does not support pre-signed path option. Check storage location and pre-signed path option in VidiCore.

  • Streaming Service is down, this can be seen in the browser's web debugger while all API calls to streaming server fail. Please contact the support team.

  • All proxy shape tags configured in ME_ProxyShapeTag and ME_ProxyAudioShapeTag parameter are referencing files not supported for streaming. Please compare here.

Why does the timeline player not stream any media files, but the source player still works?

  • Render engine service is down. This can be seen in the browser's web debugger while all API calls to render engine server fail. Please contact the support team.

  • General problem in VidiEditor. Please contact the support team.

The Timeline player does not show a video when loading an exiting project, after one modification of a segment the timeline plays!

  • The proxy video files can be played in general as defined in Supported Proxy Video Format [VE OG]

  • This happens when the proxy files are in correct format but the desired Timeline Output format is not matching the physical files.

  • Check Configuration switch “TimelineOutputFormat” to match the video files.

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