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Insert Edit Using Keyboard Shortcuts [VE UG]

As a previous section listed the available functionalities in the player made available to the user, this section focuses more on an end-to-end use case for fast editing using keyboard shortcuts.

The following tutorial video covers this scenario: Tutorial: Insert Edit With Audio Keyboard.

User Scenario

A user wants to separate out the most important content of a recorded video. An example of this would be to create a rough cut of the best shots of interview sessions. This can be done easily and quickly, using keyboard shortcuts in the source player. The following steps could be performed by the user in this scenario:

  • Create a blank new projects

  • Timeline playhead is at 00:00:00:00 timecode position in timeline

  • User searches desired video and adds it to the source player (options double click, context menu, drag and drop)

  • The user browses the video using keyboard shortcuts and judges on the best scenes to take.

    • L - Play forward

    • K - Pause

    • J - Play backward

    • Multiple L - Fast forward

    • Multiple J - Fast backward

    • Shift + L - 1 Frame forward

    • Shift + J - 1 Frame backward

  • The user decides for a scene and adds IN and OUT points.

    • I - Set IN point

    • O - Set OUT point

    • Shift + I - Go to IN point

    • Shift + J - Go to OUT point

  • The user can see the length between IN and OUT conveniently in the player:

  • The user decides to add this part to the timeline.

    • Comma key - add to timeline on playhead position and selected track

    • Dot key - Toggle Overwrite / Move mode to decide if following segments will be overwritten or moved on insert

  • The playhead will automatically position itself to the end of the insert

  • The user starts over and adds the next partial

  • When done, the rough cut can be published

    • Ctrl + P - Open publish dialogue

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