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Introducing VidiEditor [VE UG]

VidiEditor provides journalistic and creative users with a fast and versatile, browser-based editing solution to face the challenges of a modern and dynamic editing environment. As an HTML5 application, VidiEditor offers editors accessibility, and can be used wherever a stable internet connection is available. When paired together with a full Vidispine integration, users can enjoy a more streamlined editing workflow: from searching and importing assets and collections, as well as exporting sequences. While intelligently making use of existing proxy files for editing and streaming, VidiEditor is capable of exporting material in different formats in order to cater to varying platform requirements. VidiEditor's features include:

General advantages

  • Work from anywhere directly in the web browser

  • Minimal hardware requirements on client side

  • Centralized media repository based on VidiCore

  • Usage of VidiCore metadata model

  • Joined use cases and integrations with VidiCore, VidiFlow and EditMate

Media management

  • Create and manage projects

  • Easily search for media items (video and audio)

  • Easily search for media collections

  • Import items to timeline and bin

  • Footage overview in project bin

  • Intelligent project and media locking mechanism

  • Intelligent camera card usage from MediaIngest


  • Preview your content in source and timeline player, incl. full screen mode

  • Keyboard based insert edit workflow

  • Comfortably edit on your timeline (Move, Trim, Cut)

  • Ripple edit mode

  • Up to 5 video and audio tracks on a timeline

  • Move and Overwrite mode

  • Snap / magnet functionality

  • Voice-over recording

  • Audio channel selection and duplication

  • Waveform preview

  • Mute and hide tracks

  • Link / unlink option to separately edit video and audio

  • Audio peak meter

  • Auto save functionality


  • Publish sequences in various formats and to different VidiCore storages

  • Use metadata on publish and inherit metadata from a project

  • Configurable audio mixdown options for publishing presets

  • Direct out audio when publishing

  • Trigger VidiFlow workflow or VidiCoder when publishing

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