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Multi-Select (Lasso tool) and Group Segments [VE UG]

If you want to move segments together on the timeline, you can select these segments and group them. To select more than one segment just select the items by pressing Shift + select.

Alternatively, you can use the lasso tool. One can simply position the mouse in an empty space in the timeline and drag and drop over the segments that you want to select. A blue rectangle rectangle will become noticeable, in which all timeline segments within are selected. The selected segments are indicated by the light blue color. One can then move all these segments together.

You also have the option to group the selected segments. This can be done by selecting the “Group” option from the context menu after you have selected all segments that you want to group. Conversely, you can choose to ungroup these segments again by selecting the “Ungroup” option.

If you want to reset the group, by revert the grouping, you need only click on one of the segments from the group and select the “Ungroup” option from the context menu .

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