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Project bin grid configuration [VE OG]

The grid of the project bin can be customized based on metadata fields in a similar way as the media search grid or the project search grid Project Search Configuration [VE OG]. This allows one to give a VidiEditor user the most important information in the project bins overview based on the chosen system design.

The configuration page can be found under:

VidiEditor → Media → Bin

It allows one to set a list of metadata fields based on the global metadata configuration page and fixed values calculated automatically by the system. An example result of the above configuration will look as follows in the VidiEditor GUI:

Listing all selected fields in the chosen order. The “In Use” indicator as well as the context menu button will always be displayed as the sticky part of the grid and cannot be configured out as they are essential for VidiEditor usage.

The configurations made in this page will affect the root level of the bin as well as the view on collections and sub collections. It will not affect the event list view of the bin.

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