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Publish Default Dialogue Configuration (Enterprise) [VE OG]

This area affects configuration possibilities for the publish dialogue (see also  Publishing a Timeline Sequence [VE UG]). You can reach the this ConfigPortal use case page by selecting the VidiEditor in the main navigation bar and the option as indicated below. The configuration options available are used to customize the publish possibilities explained below switch by switch. Anyway this is the default configuration for the publish dialogue always used if no more specifically set configuration is made depending on the user group as explained in Publish Group Specific Dialogue (Enterprise) [VE OG] .

The following configuration options are available under this page.

Target Storage

The target storage defines one storage in the system as the desired location for newly created files during publish. It is handed over as an input parameter to the VidiFlow workflow and can be used in there freely. It might be overwritten or transformed in the workflow using rules or dependencies in the workflow and modelling business process. There is no guarantee that this storage is used as a target location. However it gives a good default, because a minimum of one target storage is needed to execute a publish at all.

A storage to select must be defined under Storage global configuration page. Alternatively, users can choose to be redirected to the Storage page and configure a new one.

Transcoding Option

This has 2 possible values to decide from to switch the transcoding option when publishing the timeline. It allows one to define if a VidiCore conform job is triggered directly from VidiEditor to conform the sequence (VidiCore Conform Job) or if VidiFlow workflow is triggered that allows to use a bigger chain of steps when publishing the timeline (VidiFlow Workflow). The decision should be based on the choosen system design, it is recommend to use a VidiFlow workflow if VidiFlow is available in the central system and to use a VidiCore conform job in case VidiFlow is not available.

User-selectable Workflows

This option is only available if “Transcoding Option” is set to “VidiFlow Workflow“. Users can specify which workflows are triggered when publishing a sequence in VidiEditor. It is possible to select multiple workflows from all VidiFlow workflows and their order. The pool of available workflows is determined by those created via the VidiFlow Workflow Designer. Also, the ordering of the workflows defines the ordering for user selection and the default parameter used. As a result, once can see a workflow dropdown in VidiEditor publish dialogue and select one to be triggered for publish. The first one configured acts as default value.

User-Selectable Metadata: Publish

This option gives users the possibility to configure which metadata appears in the search grid when publishing projects. Users will see each of these fields in VidiEditor's publish dialog.
The metadata fields available must first be created under the Metadata global configuration page.

It is important to note that the specification of metadata in the Publish dialog window in this page is only expressed in VidiEditor's Publish dialog window and does not affect other Publish dialog windows (such as the one in EditMate).

Shape for Publish

Users can also configure which formats (shapes) are made available for selection when publishing a sequence. It is important to note that these are preconfigured and allow only for those available in the dropdown to be selected.

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