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Start Timecode Offset [VE UG]

On default a VidiEditor timeline starts at timecode position 00:00:00:00 or on the default set in the application wide configuration (see Timeline Configuration Parameters [VE OG]) the timeline after project creation with default configuration looks as follows:

So the timeline and timeline player start at position 00:00:00:00 (or the configured default). This is also reflected in the timelines ruler.

Anyway it might be needed to change the start timecode for several reasons, for example to set a start timecode for a playout automation or a studio playout situation. This can be done while doing a right click on the timeline timecode field and choosing the “Change Start Timecode“ option.

This opens a dialogue allowing to set any wanted timecode:

Doing so and click OK button will adjust following behaviors in the user interface:

  • The timelines start timecode will be set to the entered value

  • The timeline ruler will change based on the set offset timecode

  • The start timecode and timecode navigation in the timeline player will change

Following figure illustrates the affected areas:

Furthermore setting this offset might have an effect on publish while the publish process will create a new video file, it will adjust the start timecode also in the video file itself as long as the output format supports this option.

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