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Timeline Marker Configuration [VE OG]

VidiEditor automatically creates a use case page called “Timeline Markers” with one default configuration called “Marker” during deployment in the ConfigPortal section:

VidiEditor → Media → Timeline Marker.

Because of this automatism VidiEditor users will automatically see the marker icon and can use the basic marker function also without any further configuration needed. The default page looks like this:

Timeline Marker: CP Overview page with default configuration

When one clicks on the edit button next to the Marker configuration page, the ConfigPortal editing page will be opened. This page shows all metadata fields and colors that will be shown to the VidiEditor user when opening the Timeline Marker Edit dialog. Per default the page looks like this:

Default Marker configuration page

VidiEditor automatically creates a metadata field group in VidiCore called VE_TL_MARKER and within this group it creates metadata fields for Name, Comment, Color and Type. If nothing is changed in this configuration the VidiEditor user will see a Timeline Marker Edit mask that looks like this:

Of course Administrators can change this configuration and create another metadata field group with different metadata fields. Also its possible to add and configure further metadata fields in the section “User-selectable Metadata” that should be displayed in VidiEditors Timeline Marker Edit dialog below the color selection.

If the VidiEditor users should be able to select between different types of markers (shown as “options”), an administrator has to set up multiple marker configurations in ConfigPortal. Each type has its own metadata configuration so that additional metadata fields can be displayed depending on the type of marker.

Example of VidiEditor Edit Marker dialog with three types of markes shown as “options”

Set up of additional marker types can be done using the + Button below the table. Please note that you need to create a metadata field group or use an existing one for each type of marker.

Option to add or edit marker configurations

Here you see an example when multiple options are configured like in the VidiEditor screenshot above.

Example page with multiple marker configurations for different types of markers

If one has set up multiple marker configurations its possible to select the default marker type that should be used per default when the VidiEditor user creates a new timeline marker. The definition of this default marker is done in ConfigPortal under: VidiEditor → Media → Timeline

Here you can select from the dropdown next to “Timeline Marker” the marker type.

Configuration of default marker type

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