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Waveform View [VE UG]

The VidiEditors Source Preview Player supports playback of video and audio items explained in Source Preview Player Functions [VE UG]. For those 2 types of items it is often convenient to preview waveform data visualizing the audio signal over time.

Audio Only Items

For audio only items the waveform view is displayed on default when loading the item in the player. The view displays all channels selected for playback as well as the in and out points set (blue highlighted area) and the playheads position.

The availability of waveform data depends on the media and if it was analyzed in the central VidiCore application. If no waveform data available, the user will see a not symbol instead of the waveform display.

Video Items

When loading video items usually the pictures are of interest first. By default no waveforms are shown in the player. To enable the waveform view, the user can click on the waveform button to blend in the selected audio channels as overlay.

This view always displays the selected audio channels for playback, selected in the channel selection. Switching the channel selection will also update the view accordingly.

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