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Adapting start-up configuration [VF AgSDK]

The start-up configuration of an agent in the appsettings.json file provides some endpoints to resources that are needed for running an agent. These are:

  • A REST endpoint for the authentication service used for acquiring/validating access tokens.

  • A REST endpoint for the configuration service which stores all VidiFlow configurations.

  • A REST endpoint for the notification service that notifies modules about configuration changes.

  • A REST endpoint for the VidiCore service used for storing assets and metadata.

  • An AMQP connection string for the message bus service which is used for task execution and notification of configuration changes.

By default, all above mentioned REST endpoints are publicly accessible in every installation, so you can use the endpoints of the remote environment in your start-up configuration.
You can also adapt the AMQP connection string to point to the appropriate message bus service in your remote environment, but, since the message bus is usually not exposed publicly, connecting from a development environment would fail. Therefore, you have to change the accessibility of the message bus in your remote environment which is described in the next section.

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