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Distribution and Deployment Azure Service Fabric [VF UG]

Microsoft's Azure Service Fabric is one of the deployment management solutions. With VidiFlow's applications and services hosted in Service Fabric, an array of benefits are attained.

  • A redundant distribution of service in a cluster
  • A comfortable approach to managing service
  • Services can be updated without experiencing downtime
  • Improved scaling and performance by adding additional nodes and services

In addition to the benefits listed above, Service Fabric offers extensive monitoring functionalities via Service Explorer, which acts as the cornerstone of the Systems Monitor. A comprehensive understanding of Service Fabric Explorer is essential for those users wishing to benefit from the Systems Monitor. A detailed view of how Service Fabric and its implications for VidiFlow users can be found under Service Fabric and VidiFlow.
Please note that Microsoft provides detailed documentation for Azure Service Fabric. It is highly recommended that VidiFlow users are made familiar with said documentation before actively engaging with any of Azure Service Fabric Explorer's management options. Azure Service Fabric documentation can be viewed under:

Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Documentation Link

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