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Extension - FileSupervisor [VF AgSDK]

In case you want to create a file in your task processor that shall also be usable by other VidiFlow tasks in a workflow, you must take care that this file has an appropriate file object in VidiFlow's repository and manage its state. This is especially important for media files that can and shall be processed while growing. Since using a non-interrupting message boundary event would allow such processing but also requires a specific file object state, the SDK provides an extension to do all this consistently. This extension also provides the VidiFlow ID of the file object that must be returned to the workflow to allow processing this file by other tasks.
To use this extension, you must include the

  • Platform.Integrations.Agent.FileSupervisor version >= 1.36.2

Nuget package.


This extension is only usable with version 2 of the task processor interface.

The package provides implementations for three interfaces

  • IFileSupervisorFactory

  • IFileSupervisor

  • ITargetInformation

Use the factory and the target information class to create the actual extension object, the FileSupervisor.
Note that special attention is required to use the FileSupervisor methods correctly. See the corresponding notes in IFileSupervisor.

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