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Helm Chart Start-up configuration file [VF AgSDK]

As mentioned in Start-up configuration file, the appsettings.json file that you provide in VisualStudio is only used for development/testing purposes and will not be used for actual VidiFlow deployments. For this, you must provide a separate file. But, since the deployment configuration is managed centrally for all VidiFlow components, most of the start-up configuration parameters in this file just point to a central configuration storage instead of having actual values.
A typical deployment start-up configuration file for an agent is already provided in the files folder after the preparations done in the previous section. The file is called appsettings-exampleagent.json. It should be used as a blueprint for all your agents.


Make sure to provide one start-up configuration file for each agent and adapt the UniqueModuleName parameter in each file according to the agent it is used for.
Do not change any of the other parameter values!
It is recommended to choose agent specific names for the configuration files.

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