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Index [VF UG]

The Elastic index for VidiFlow's logging contains a set of predefined fields. This section explains the meaning of some of the fields while giving examples on how to filter for relevant information using the Discovery tab's search bar.


The text message for the log entry, contains most information.

level, numericLevel

The log level indicates the severity of the message. Possible values are:

  • VERBOSE: contains detailed technical diagnostic information) this is disabled by default.
  • TRACE: contains technical diagnostic information).
  • DEBUG: shows the program flow on a detailed level.
  • INFO: shows the essential information during normal execution.
  • WARN: shows that something is not as expected, but the system can work around it.
  • ERROR: shows that something (like a request or task) went wrong, but the overall system can still work.
  • FATAL: shows an error that the system cannot recover from.

In order to filter for all messages above a certain level, the field numericLevel gives a numerical representation of each log level, e.g.:

EXAMPLE for numericLevel

'numericLevel:>=40000' shows all messages with level INFO, WARN, ERROR or FATAL


Contains the name of the VidiFlow service that logged the error message. Note that most VidiFlow services are named with a pre- and postfix (e.g. VidiFlow.CamundaBroker.ServiceFabricHost).
Please note that it can be useful to implement wildcards when searching for all logs related to a specific service.

EXAMPLE Searching for a Service

This lists all log entries originating from the CamundaBroker service mentioned above.


Contains a technical representation of the exception that was thrown triggering the error.


The timestamp when the log entry was written by the module.


This field is of particular importance as it allows for the grouping of log messages originating from different services.
VidiFlow uses the correlationId in two different scenarios:

  • The execution of a workflow. In this case, all participants of a workflow log the correlationId in their log entries which allows one to filter for all log entries related to a specific workflow. Note that when opening the Kibana logs from VidiFlow's Workflow Monitor within VidiFlow Monitoring, this filter will be set by default for the selected workflow.
  • The execution of a web API call. In this case, all log entries related to the API call, including follow up API calls, are logged with the same correlationId.

Other fields

All other fields are mostly technical fields from Elastic or fields for a detailed analysis by the Arvato support containing additional information such as the source code.

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