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ITaskProcessor [VF AgSDK]

This interface must be implemented if a task does not want to trigger message boundary events in the workflow. It only requires the task's input and result class.

Version 1 (deprecated)

The interface in the namespace Platform.CoreComponents.Agent.Contracts.V1 is deprecated and will be removed in future releases of the SDK.

Version 2

This version of the interface - located in the Platform.CoreComponents.Agent.Contracts.V2 namespace - allows to get parameters that are related to the execution of a workflow (like the ID of the user that started the workflow) in the Process(…) method.
It is required if you want to use the FileSupervisor SDK extension.
Prerequisites are:

  • Version >= 2.12.1 of all Platform.CoreComponents…. Nuget packages

  • Version >= 1.36.2 of all Platform.Integrations…. Nuget packages

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