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ITaskProcessorWithEvents [VF AgSDK]

In case the task processor should trigger some task specific message boundary events it must implement this interface. It uses the task's input and result classes, as well as the task's interrupting and non-interrupting event enumerations. In case your task processor does not want to trigger either an interrupting or non-interrupting event you must use the NoEvents enumeration provided by the Agent SDK.

Version 1 (deprecated)

The interface in the namespace Platform.CoreComponents.Agent.Contracts.V1 is deprecated and will be removed in future releases of the SDK.

Version 2

This version of the interface - located in the Platform.CoreComponents.Agent.Contracts.V2 namespace - allows to get parameters that are related to the execution of a workflow (like the ID of the user that started the workflow) in the Process(…) method.
It is required if you want to use the FileSupervisor SDK extension.
Prerequisites are:

  • Version >= 2.12.1 of all Platform.CoreComponents…. Nuget packages

  • Version >= 1.36.2 of all Platform.Integrations…. Nuget packages

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