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Kibana [VF UG]

Part of the Elastic Stack, Kibana functions as a plugin for Elasticsearch. Its functions focus on offering data visualization of content indexed by Elasticsearch and content input delivered via Logstash (both part of the Elastic Stack). As such, Kibana accesses data made available by the rest of stack in order to create graphical representations of data for user analysis.
VidiFlow users are given a detailed explanation of Kibana functionalities available in VidiFlow, and how these are relevant in the Vidispine context. Additionally, they are shown a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Kibana in the Vidispine context. All of these are covered under the Logs Monitor section.
Please note that Elastic provides detailed documentation for Kibana. It is highly recommended that VidiFlow users are made familiar with said documentation before actively engaging with any of Kibana's functions available in VidiFlow. Kibana documentation can be viewed under:

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