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Management - Index Log Data [VF UG]

The Management Tab serves as the foundation for all of Kibana's functionalities. It is here where Elasticsearch index pattern fields can be selected for viewing.

If one wishes to draw data from logs contained in a particular index, they must configure an index pattern. This configuration is done so by Arvato Systems engineers. VidiFlow users then have the possibility to select, in the Discover tab, which of the potential data is then used for collection. The logs drawn from this pattern are used as the foundation and source of information for Kibana's Discover functions and as a result Kibana's functionalities as a whole.
Please note that VidiFlow users will have Kibana's Management section preconfigured by Arvato Systems engineers.

Index Pattern Traits

Index patterns fulfill the following function:

  • Indicating whether a field is searchable
  • Searchable fields are used as filters in the Discover tab.
  • Indicating whether a field is aggregatable
  • Aggregatable fields can be used in visualization aggregations.
  • Indicating whether a field is analyzed
  • Analyzed fields are aggregatable fields that require considerable more memory to visualize.
  • Indicating whether a field is excluded
  • Excluded fields are not considered for the Discover tab's filters.
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