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Message Broker RabbitMQ [VF UG]

Due to VidiFlow's component requirements and its cloud-based nature, a successful messaging approach becomes increasingly and critically important. This is especially true of a video production management solution that must be both highly scalable and reliable in a context in which demand can vary considerably. With Rabbit as its message broker of choice, VidiFlow is able to meet these demands.
RabbitMQ offers:

  • Multiple messaging protocols with AMQP.
  • Advanced message queueing
  • Supports delivery acknowledgement, ensuring that messages are received and processed before work queues can be deleted.
  • The messaging model employs an exchange phase, offering multiple exchange types for a variety of routing approaches.

This allows VidiFlow to efficiently, accurately and reliably communicate across the suite while scaling based on demand.
For a detailed explanation of RabbitMQ it is highly recommended users view RabbitMQ's own features site detailing the principles behind its messaging model. These are available under the following link:

RabbitMQ Get Started Link

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