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Role For MFT Editor NPM Package [VF IG]

Some MFT targets are visible only to user groups who have the needed role to view them. Targets with flag “isVisibleForAllUsers=false“ are only visible to those with the said role. In order for this feature to works, a new MP role “MP_MediaFileTransfer“ need to be added to Authentication Service.


  "id": "b3f9012f-785c-4f96-bfc2-1928dbae7dd4",
  "scope": "MediaPortal",
  "description": "Role grant MP to view all MFT sendto target.",
  "groupRoles": null,
  "name": "MP_MedienFileTransferAdmin"

In Config Portal > Right Management, assign this role to user group who are allowed to view all MFT Targets.

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