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Trigger workflows based on metadata changes [VF UG]

VidiFlow supports triggering workflows based on metadata changes in VidiCore. The rule engine of VidiFlow is used to decide if a changed metadata value is relevant and which workflow shall be called.

The conditional workflow service (part of core services) will receive changes on metadata values for items and collections and evaluate the configured rule for triggering configured workflow.

To setup conditional workflows, some configuration has to be done in ConfigPortal in the section Conditional Workflow / Config:

Setup the conditional workflow

  • Enter a name and description for your condition

  • Choose the event type (Item Metadata Changed / Collection Metadata Changed)

  • Select the business rule to be executed

    • The name of the input variables needs to match with the VidiCore name of the metadata. All type of VidiCore metadata type are supported.

    • One of the output variables must be called “StartWorkflow” with Boolean type which used for triggering the configured workflow. If the rule sets this value to true, then the workflow will be executed.

      Sample rule configuration

  • Select the workflow to be executed. Only workflows without any input parameters or with input parameters as following are allow:

    • “SourcePlatformUri” (string/Platform Uri)

    • “Reason” (string)

    • If these parameters are available, they will be provided to the workflow

Each setup of a conditional workflow will register a VidiCore notification.

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