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UseCaseDefinition [VF AgSDK]

UseCaseDefinition is a class attribute that allows to define a class with "generic" input parameters for agents or tasks that are not part of a task contract, i.e. that are not defined during run-time in a workflow but are "static" over different task executions or even common for different tasks.
A use case definition can be part of a group and contains information about the group it belongs to, the position where the group shall be displayed and the position of the definition within that group.
Several properties are mandatory to define it.
A human-readable name for the use case definition.
A unique GUID.
The name of the group to which the use case definition belongs to.
The position of the group in the overall display. Note that it must be >=1.
The position of the definition within its group. It must be >=1.

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