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VidiFlow 22.1.116 Patch Notes [VF PN]

This page contains a list of patches we are releasing with this version.

What’s new?

List of updated tasks

Copy File Via Agent

The method for storing shape updates has been changed from parallel to sequential, which improves performance in interaction with VidiCore.

Deployment for VidiCore parameter “skipIdenticalMetadataValues”

VidiFlow 21.4 introduced a setting for the VidiCore parameter “skipIdenticalMetadataValues” to true (instead of not setting it and keeping the default setting). This was important for the VidiFlow feature of “Conditional workflows”, but can lead to issues in other products working with the VidiCore API.

For this reason, the setting is changed back to not set the parameter in this release. If the feature “Conditional workflows” should be used, it is highly recommended to test the overall system regarding metadata updates.

Existing systems will not be affected by the change, as the parameter is no longer set with the VidiFlow deployment.

Create Sorted Sequence

This new task can be used to create a sequence for sequential recordings. It creates a sequence and attaches it to an item. The items will be sorted by a metadata value.


Item #



WF-Monitor: Download logs does not download the Kubernetes logs


WF-Monitor: Saved Query-Dialog don't seem to be modal


WF-Monitor: Saved queries do not support relatively saved time values


Set WatchfolderMediaIngest.bpmn TargetPlatformUri_21ipl09 as workflow variable.


Extra variable in Watchfolder mediaingest and metadata ingest workflow


Issues with file path on S3 for S4MTransoder


Stitch Agent fails always in version 22.1.5.


Platform.MediaAgents.Transcode trys to register mxf file when "Transcode: false"


Platform.CommonIndexFile trys to register mxf file, what necessarily fails


Trancoder Agent: Odd path for .cix-file


ManagePoster: wrong S3 path


Portal: Display usage information for tasks, rules and workflows


Camunda-Proxy: Liveness probe wrong settings


Use new CommonIndex format (.tix- and .cix-files) in all tasks (e.g. TranscoderS4M)

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