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VidiFlow Integration [VF IG]

The following section covers product specific integration aspects and common uses case and their respective API resource references and refers to the latest API versions for any call and resource.

Please note that this guide is meant to be read in tandem with the product´s API resources available in SWAGGER for the intended context system. While the motivation and call references necessary for carrying out specific use cases is presented here, all calls must be viewed in SWAGGER in full detail. This is done so in order to ensure that readers refer to the latest schema, call body and required parameters for each case.

Please note that any and all use of a product's API resources is under full responsibility of the actuator. As such, we strongly advise against using resources not described in this document. And strongly advise that use of the resources referred to in this document be done so with utmost care.

Purpose of this Integration Guide

The Integration Guide for VidiFlow is intended for customers and developers and is geared towards simplifying the integration process for 3rd party applications as well as understanding underlying services and concepts. The Integration Guide itself includes an overview of the basics principles behind integration, as well as a more focused and detailed view of relevant topics. Implementation processes and design fundamentals are covered in their respective sections. The Integration Guide is inherently used with the resources provided by the VidiFlow JSON templates and API resources via SWAGGER.

Please note that before attempting to perform an integration with VidiFlow, it is absolutely essential the readers become familiarized with VidiFlow as a product. Additional information being available in VidiFlow's User Guide.

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