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Introducing VidiFlow

Vidispine’s VidiFlow is a cloud-native, workflow orchestration solution fitted with a versatile BPMN workflow and rule engine dedicated to improving the efficiency of media management and processing.

Sytems can benefit from the synergy between VidiFlow’s powerful workflow engine and and VidiCore's peformance and verstatility. VidiFlow is able to map the VidiCore object model as workflow tasks and seamlessly trigger VidiCore activities such as copying, and transcoding. Highly malleable in its design, VidiFlow can control multiple 3rd party systems along the broadcast workflow chain. This is made possible with VidiFlow’s clever use of agents which are, for each 3rd party system, deployed as a microservice within Kubernetes, to serve specific 3rd party APIs, these subscribe to a queue on the Message Bus receiving tasks inserted by the workflow instance.

One of VidiFlow’s core components, the Workflow Designer, is a powerful and capable BPMN 2.0 compliant workflow modeller. Paired with another key component for modelling DMN rules for runtime decisions, the Rule Designer, VidiFlow is able to conceive automated workflows to enhance business-driven processes. The execution of these workflows is accomplished via a high-performance and reliable workflow engine that executes new workflows, calls sub-workflows, or executes scripts (JavaScript) and calls a variety of service tasks provided by VidiFlow.

Having visibility over your workflows is just as important as creating them. VidiFlow possesses web-based UIs for administration purposes beyond the Workflow and Rule Designers. With VidiFlow’s Workflow Monitor, the entirety of a system's workflows can be searched for, and instances tracked, stopped, or restarted - while also granting oversight of individual workflow steps and progress at a granular level and in real-time. Process metric dashboards, object change history or housekeeping frontends can easily be built on top of the REST APIs for clients who wish to visualize certain aspects of their system in customized frontends.

Following Vidispine’s BYOS (Build Your Own System) approach, options for customizations within workflows (e.g. via scripting support) and agent development via the Agent SDK are made available, making it possible to define individual BPMN tasks with inputs, outputs, and custom events. Using the SDK, existing systems can be integrated into VidiFlow by writing a custom service task implementing the respective 3rd party API. VidiFlow also employs the use REST APIs. Via the Swagger framework, customers or 3rd party companies are able to access the API, as well as test their development immediately and comfortably.

VidiFlow also enjoys the benefit of being a fully integrated part of the Vidispine product portfolio making it highly flexible and easily configurable. With Vidispine’s central configuration hub, administrators are able to comfortably tailor configuration aspects on the fly.

Orchestrate and Automate

  • Orchestrate systems and processes using a high-performance BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) adherent workflow modelling and execution layer.

  • Powerful workflow and rule engine.

  • Manage the interoperability of media across your organization by making metadata the key of all workflows.

  • Improve media management and processing tasks through workflow automation and orchestration.

  • BPMN- and DMN-based graphical modellers allow one to design and tailor your workflows and rules.

Compatibility and Performance

  • Out-of-the-box connectors for a variety of broadcast-specific systems on the market.

  • Reduce overhead with an infrastructure-agnostic, service-driven platform, and seamless scaling from device to cloud.

  • Benefit from a high-performance event-driven bus architecture.

Adaptive and Customizable

  • Customize and integrate with third-party systems with a scalable, API-driven middleware.

  • Build upon a modern architecture using (cloud) scalable microservices.

  • The Agent SDK is geared towards simplifying the creation of new MAM functionalities and their use in VidiFlow's BPMN workflows.

  • Test and develop immediately by accessing VidiFlow’s API via the Swagger framework.


Fully integrated with Vidispine’s central configuration hub - ConfigPortal.

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