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Start-up configuration file

Every agent requires a start-up configuration JSON file called appsettings.json which must be located in a config folder inside the <agent name>.ConsoleHost project.
It contains

  • a unique module name for the agent

  • a URI for your system's authentication service

  • a URI for your system's configuration service

  • a URI for your system's notification service

  • a URI for your system's VidiCore service

  • a connection string for your system's RabbitMQ service

Example appsettings.json

The following file can be used as a blueprint for a start-up configuration

You must adapt the UniqueModuleName value to uniquely identify your agent and set user and password for your RabbitMQ connection string.
The URIs and endpoint values are only used for debugging purposes in a local development environment and will be automatically replaced during a proper deployment.
See Debugging for more details about adapting the start-up configuration.

Remember to set the "Copy to Output Directory" property of the file to Copy always.

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