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VidiFlow Monitor Overview

The following section includes an overview of VidiFlow's topics. First-time VidiFlow users are recommended to view this section in detail.
VidiFlow makes extensive use of different modules for both monitoring as well as configuration purposes. VidiFlow's monitoring options include those relevant to the monitoring of workflows, logs, and system status which are handled in the Workflows Monitor, Logs Monitor and System Monitor modules. Additionally, configuration aspects are handled via ConfigPortal.
For more information on configuration/ConfigPortal topics and the Logs Monitor, please refer to the Operations Guide.
VidiFlow users are not limited to the Workflow Monitor. It is important to note that the use of the ConfigPortal, and Logs Monitor intended for system administrators.

System administrators responsible for managing VidiFlow installations will want access to the VidiFlow monitoring interfaces (VidiFlow Monitor, OpenSearch Dashboard for log monitoring) as well as ConfigPortal for system configuration.

VidiFlow Monitor

EXAMPLE VidiFlow Monitor Link


Logs Monitor

EXAMPLE Logs Monitor Link



EXAMPLE ConfigPortal Link




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