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VidiNet Concept Overview [VN PO]

What is VidiNet?

The media landscape of today is not the same as tomorrow’s. The nature of the issues as well as one’s method for solving them are ever-evolving, demanding an equal measure of flexibility, reliability and adaptability. Three ingredients that have become the cornerstone of a post-monolithic, modern approach to media management. All three of which are at the core of what VidiNet provides.

Enter VidiNet. A cloud platform that provides fully managed, ready-to-use software by Vidispine as a service. With a VidiNet account, one can enjoy the full breadth of services and applications available from our store. However, its true potential lies in the manner in which it facilitates the combination of services and applications with a VidiCore back-end.

Whether you are a developer with an idea, or a strategist whose business’ media supply chain is subject to constant growing pains, and broadening complexity of new use cases, VidiNet offers you choice. And a quick one at that. Within a few minutes you can start launching services in order to explore different avenues for different use cases, solving problems or streamlining your media workflow - resulting in a media management solution tailored to your particular needs.

While the fluctuation in demand may be unexpected, the costs should not have to be. VidiNet allows one to reign in costs by only paying for the services when you use them. Giving you control of what you need, when you need it.

Getting Started with VidiNet

Signup is free and all features are available during the trial period. Once the trial period has ended, all services are paused, while the data output and work done is not deleted. Reach out to us for onboarding and your services will become available again.

Spinning up your instance of VidiCore is sweet and simple. Use our website or public API to configure and launch services that will be ready for use within minutes. All from within the comfort of our store, choose and attach the media processing, analysis services, and applications that suit your VidiCore instance needs.

Look for themes on your launched VidiCore service to try out our pre-built reference implementations based on services and applications with the purpose to fulfil a specific use case.

Our knowledge base can guide you through the various use cases for the different products.

Starter Edition

Want to hit the ground running? Our starter edition is suitable for small to medium sized media supply chains, proof-of-concept or development projects.

Team Edition

Like its name implies, the Team Edition is geared towards large production systems with high demands on availability and performance, continuously growing database and increase in the number of its users.

VidiNet Store

VidiCore is the back-end for all further processing or analysis media services, and apps which you can choose to add on top. Whether you bring your own cloud or launch VidiCore as a Service running in AWS, you can utilize most our offers through VidiNet.

Core Services

Launching VidiCore as a service in VidiNet is straightforward. You only need to bring your own preconfigured storage. Our configuration launch guide will assist you through each step of the configuring the service before launching it.
While there are two options available in VidiNet for running VidiCore as a service in VidiNet, both of these come with a fully featured VidiCore API, dedicated API endpoint, optional network access restriction, system logs in real time, remote support access, VidiCore Development Toolkit, and a free to use graphical user interface.

Analysis and Processing Services
With VidiNet, you do not have to worry about load and scalability. You can instead fully focus on the work that needs to be done by relying on our media processing farm.
Our solution has been adapted so that transcoding, encoding and analysis services performs well on underlying hardware. By running media processing jobs in parallel in the cloud, we ensure that all of your media files gets processed in a timely manner. All our processing services are running the latest available version of each underlying software, without requiring maintenance and configuration.


In the VidiNet store, you will find VidiEditor which is an easy-to-use, browser based audio and video editing application. You can specify the numbers of concurrent user sessions you need and start editing video and audio in your browser with VidiCore as back-end.

Agent Solutions: Bring Your Own Cloud or Go Hybrid

Interested in a bringing your own cloud or building a hybrid solution between your on-premise media and VidiNet? Have a look at our agent solutions where we enable you to you store your assets on any storage on premise and let VidiCore as a service in VidiNet manage those assets remotely in the cloud.


Create a trial account and try all of our services free of charge, when the trial period is over, the services will automatically pause. Core service databases and media output will be kept if you want to continue as a paying customer, extend your trial period, or start your setup in production.

Control your costs by letting VidiNet calculate costs for media processing, QC or analysis jobs. An accurate estimation of media files is free and is based on input content length - resulting in a pay per use approach.
Naturally, VidiNet keeps your costs transparent, with them being displayed in detail in VidiNet’s dashboard which also gives you the option to group services to get a more organized overview of the costs.

Please note that core services have a daily cost. We recommend pausing your system while not in use to reduce your costs.

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