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Vidispine API version maintenance in Vidinet [VN UG]

Users in Vidinet Dashboard can now run Vidispine API maintenance by manually update to a newer version, or set up an automatic maintenance schedule.

The maintenance panel pictured below is available in the Vidinet Dashboard on each of your services. When launching a new Vidispine API instance, our recommendation is that automatic updates is turned on for patch versions.

Pending maintenance explained

The next pending update is always listed under the heading "Pending maintenance" in the panel. What it says depends on the update schedule, whether a newer version exists and what changes have been made to a schedule. From here you can always edit (the pen) or remove (trash can) the next update. 

Note: All scheduling are shown in local time as per setting on the computer/browser.

Manual update

Apply an update in five minutes or schedule the update at any given time, applying a version update will override any previous scheduled maintenance.

Editing or removing a scheduled update

Added scheduled update will be listed under the heading "Pending maintenance" edit or remove the manually scheduled update using the pen (edit) or trash can.

Schedule automatic Vidispine maintenance updates

Edit the automatic update maintenance schedule by clicking the pen after the text "Automatic update". In the dialogue that is opened you can: 

  • Turn on and off automatic update.

  • Set the date and time for automatic update

  • Set the versions Vidinet should update the Vidispine API to (see patch versions and minor version updates below).

Setting this schedule means that Vidinet automatically updates to a new version if there is one according to the selected type of update. 

Editing or removing an automatic schedule

When there is a pending maintenance set, it is possible to edit the date and time of the update, e.g., to make an earlier update but you cannot change version. When the earlier update has been performed, pending maintenance will list "None" until the next update that matches the settings is released. 

Pending maintenance can also be removed. Removing an edited scheduled time will reveal the normal scheduled date and time. Removing the scheduled setting will remove the automatic schedule and no maintenance updates will be done. 

Patch versions and minor version updates

Minor versions (4.16, 4.17) are new features and/or new integrations or third party SW support. 

Patch versions (4.16.1, 4.16.2, 4.16.3, etc) are our maintenance updates with bugfixes and security updates. 

For more about our maintenance schedule read the Vidispine Release Lifecycle and End-Of-Support schedule [VC UG].

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