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VidiNet Changes [VN RN]

The following section contains a list of changes affecting VidiNet. While VidiNet itself is not a product, several of the changes occur with a product release.

Changes with Release 22.3

Setup and Operations


New VidiNet user interface

New user interface for launching and managing services. With a new tech stack in place powering the user interface we aim to provide a better user experience and much more features going forward.

MediaPortal and ConfigPortal as a service in VidiNet

MediaPortal together with ConfigPortal available as a service in VidiNet. Scalable to suite all sizes of team.





Bugfix - possible minor patch downgrade scenario for VaaS


GDPR Fixes deleting idle or not used accounts and services. Accounts that has been idle state, not consuming any services, will be deleted permanently.


Infrastructure maintenance - terraform upgrades

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