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How does ConfigPortal Work in VidiNet

What is ConfigPortal?

ConfigPortal is the entry point for configuring Vidispine applications. ConfigPortal provides users with a palette of configuration Pages that are mostly themed on functional use case scenarios, entire system configurations as well as external interfaces. This provides users with a streamlined and organized approach for managing configuration topics. Additionally, different aspects relevant to particular use case scenarios have been grouped together in a logical manner, preventing users from having to unnecessarily navigate through ConfigPortal’s UI. All available from a single unified Use Case Page.

Global and Central Configuration Topics

For more information on global and central configuration topics available through ConfigPortal, please refer to the following section of the knowledge base.

As indicated in the current page, not all functions and use cases covered in the above link will be available through VidiNet.

For Product Specific Configuration Topics

For the product-specific configuration topics, please refer to each product’s respective Operations Guide.

ConfigPortal in VidiNet Basic Requirements and Access

What do I need to have ConfigPortal?

In the VidiNet marketplace you will find MediaPortal under the application section. Launching it requires a running VidiCore service.

MediaPortal can only be attached to one VidiCore instance at the time.

How do I get to ConfigPortal?

Once MediaPortal is launched you will find links to both MediaPortal and Configportal service endpoints when inspecting the MediaPortal service.

Who can use ConfigPortal?

By default, VidiCore admins will have access to ConfigPortal by entering their respective VidiCore admin credentials. Once within ConfigPortal, roles can be applied to the user groups - one such role is that of ConfigPortal users.

How is ConfigPortal different from the On-Prem version?

There are no decision affecting differences between ConfigPortal in VidiNet and an On-Prem context use of ConfigPortal. However, one needs to be aware of the following aspects when initially using ConfigPortal through VidiNet:

  • When you use ConfigPortal through VidiNet, your VidiCore admin is by default also the ConfigPortal admin user.

  • Within a VidiNet context, ConfigPortal obtains its users through VidiCore.

Is user management still handled by ConfigPortal or VidiCore?

VidiCore is the identity provider. The assumption is made that VidiCore is used to add users to your instance.

In order to synch an AD to your VidiCore instance follow the instructions as detailed here:

  1. LDAP — Vidispine REST API documentation

If you want to add individual users to your VidiCore instance, follow the instructions as detailed here:

2. Users — Vidispine REST API documentation

Once you subscribe to a service which includes ConfigPortal, you will be able to assign roles to specific groups. The process for which can be described in following article:

Groups and Roles [C OG] (

Is there staging in ConfigPortal with VidiNet?

The option is available and works as in On-Prem context. Currently, it is not possible to directly access different stages from one CP instance. Instead of that, one CP instance per stage/environment is launched and configuration must be manually replicated on the different environments.

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