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Managing Baton QC Test Plans in VidiCore API

When using the Baton QC service in VidiNet from a VidiCore API instance, a Baton QC Test Plan must be provided as part of the Baton QC job instruction (details on how to create a Baton QC job in VidiCore API can be found in the APIdoc)

Baton QC Test Plans are stored in VidiCore API on the endpoint:


Sample Baton QC Test Plans

A set of sample Baton QC Test Plans can automatically be added to your VidiCore API instance when launching the Baton QC service from the VidiNet Store. The sample Test Plans can also be added manually to a VidiCore system. See details below.

Test Plan Name




Has all the basic checks enabled, such as black/freeze frames, blockiness, RGB color gamut and signal level checks.



Same as the Generic plan, but made for HDR content.



Same as the Generic plan, but with Flashiness/PSE checks enabled.



Has specific checks for validating XDCAM HD content.



Has all the checks for validating AS-11 UK DPP files.


Adding a Baton QC Test Plan to VidiCore API

1. Paste the Baton QC Test Plan XML into the AnalyzePresetDocument

<AnalyzePresetDocument xmlns="">
    <value><![CDATA[<?xml version="1.0" ?>
	                                           <<<<<------- PASTE TEST PLAN XML HERE

2. Add the Test Plan to your VidiCore API instance with the following command

PUT /API/analyze-preset/{customPresetName}

Accepts: application/xml, application/json - AnalyzePresetDocument

Using custom Baton QC Test Plans (export - import)

For existing or advanced users of Baton QC, custom Test Plans from any on-prem Baton QC Enterprise system can easily be imported to VidiCore for use with the VidiNet Baton QC Service.

1. Export your Test Plan XML from the Baton QC management user interface

2. Paste the contents of the exported XML into the AnalyzePresetDocument as explained above.

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