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Why Kubernetes? [C ARC]

This section describes the most relevant aspects for making a Kubernetes cluster a hard requirement for Enterprise MAM Solutions.

  • The system is Linux-based:

    • VidiCore and all of the open source components in an Enterprise MAM Solution are native to Linux; most of them do not work as well on Windows.

    • Linux offers a wider range of licencing options for the operating system.

  • The system is based on containers:

    • Well-established concept for hosting applications.

    • Avoid “DLL hell” common to Windows-based systems where everything is running as Windows services.

    • Re-use existing containerised applications.

  • Kubernetes is the state-of-the-art container orchestrator.

  • Kubernetes offers a uniform infrastructure layer for cloud-based and on-premises installations - see Infrastructure Layers [C ARC].

  • Managed clusters available on all three big cloud providers (Microsoft, Amazon, Google).

  • Kubernetes comes with built-in support for:

    • redundancy;

    • failover;

    • automatic restart of components in case of component failures;

    • automatic re-scheduling of components in case of machine failures;

    • manual scaling (horizontally and vertically);

    • automatic scaling (horizontally and vertically);

    • setting resource limits (CPU, RAM) on components to avoid a single component crashing the whole machine.

  • Kubernetes offers a profound abstraction of storage layers - see Storage Concepts [C ARC].

  • There are proven concepts available for uniform logging across all applications running in the cluster.

  • There is built-in support for connecting cloud-based load balancers.

  • Kubernetes comes with built-in security concepts (e.g. RBAC).

  • There is fine-granular control of what is exposed to the outside world.

  • There are established deployment mechanisms (helm).

  • Kubernetes has a broad community support.

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