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Central Queries for VidiFlow Monitor [C OG]

The VidiFlow Workflow Monitor supports centrally configured queries for often-needed maintenance situations (see Central Queries). These queries can be assigned to different user groups.

The configuration of the queries can be done in ConfigPortal under the use case page “User Interfaces \ Workflow Monitor Central Queries”. ConfigPortal users can add or delete entries.

Each entry contains the following fields:




Name of the query (shown in the menu in Workflow Monitor).


Description of the query (shown as tooltip for the menu item in Workflow Monitor).


The query payload. This can be created by applying the filters in Workflow Monitor and copying it to the clipboard in the menu “Saved Queries”.


One or more user groups can be selected. Only users which are members of at least one of the groups can access the query in the Workflow Monitor.

If no user group is selected, the queries is available for all users.

Central Queries configuration in ConfigPortal

Please do not edit the payload manually.

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