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Key-Value Metadata

Besides metadata fields and groups describe in detail on the Metadata Model page, VidiCore supports key-value metadata on a different entities like:

  • Metadata field definitions

  • Metagroup definitions

  • Storages

  • Storage methods

See supported resources for key-value metadata in VidiCore’s APIdoc for a complete list.

In an on-prem/hybrid/BYOC MAM solution some asset-related aspects are modelled via key-value metadata:

Additionally, ConfigPortal annotates several configuration values with key-value metadata for uniquely identifying them when applying changes. Examples for this are storages and metadata field definitions.

The following key names on metadata field definitions are defined for global usage in VPMS3 products:

Key name



The display name of a field, storage, storage method, etc.


The GUID to identify the field, storage, storage method, etc. from within ConfigPortal.

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