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Placeholders [VCon UG]

As a principle, Placeholders are considered as VidiCore Collections holding inheritable metadata.

There are different ways to deal with placeholders in VidiControl.

Create a new Recording based on a placeholder from VidiControl UI

On the timeline view, the Lane Header Context Menu, the Lane Context Menu and the Actions Menu offer possibilities to create a new recording based on a placeholder. This will open the collection search dialog:


Lane Header Context Menu


Lane Context Menu


Actions Menu

Also, in the Booking Definition, a placeholder can be selected by entering a VidiCore Collection ID or by using the Collection Search dialog. Please refer to Area: Create a Booking Definition [VCon UG] | Section:-Metadata-and-Placeholder-ID


Collection Search Dialog

Create a placeholder-based recording from External

One can open VidiControl with the URI


This will open the Booking Dialog with the preloaded placeholder to create a new recording based on a given placeholder VidiCore collection ID.




opens the Booking Dialogue with a pre-filled placeholder and metadata set:


Create a placeholder-based recording from MediaPortal

This feature can be used to create a placeholder-based recording out of MediaPortal. Please refer to MediaPortal Configuration Documentation .

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